Ways to ensure an inclusive reconstruction process. Civil society’s role in the recovery and reconstruction.

The objective of this side event is to highlight the Ukrainian civil society’s role in the joint mission of nonprofits, private sector, public authorities, and the international community to rebuild and modernize Ukraine. During the event, participants will discuss the ways of Ukraine’s recovery, highlight the driving role of civil society in the recovery process, and advocate for an increase in international support for Ukraine. The event will gather the Ukrainian civil society representatives, public authorities, local community leaders, the private sector, high-level international representatives, and Ukrainian officials to discuss the process of recovery, reconstruction, and modernization of Ukraine and the need to ensure that this process respects transparency, accountability and integrity. Civil society and the private sector are among the most flexible and capable actors to conduct quick modern changes and contribute to Ukraine’s development. Recovery and modernization of Ukraine shall be the joint goal of all sectors, despite possible differences in their approaches.